Cam MacKay Seeks city council seat in St.Albert

For all of you longtime readers until October 18th I have turned this blog over to my son who is seeking a city council seat in St.Albert this coming october 18th, 2010. I have watched him grow up and I have no doubt he will be a fine representative for St.Albert. He has always worked very hard at what he does and has not let success (or failure) go to his head.
Graduating with Paul Kane with honors, achieving a commerce degree from the U of A, serving our country in the military and running his own business are certainly good credentials to bring to city hall.
I watched him grow up and become the father he is today and I wish him all the best. I hope all that read this will give him due consideration this comming October 18th.

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2 Responses to Cam MacKay Seeks city council seat in St.Albert

  1. tyson says:

    hi Cam i am doing a report on you for school i have some questions for you i wanted to know if you wanted to come to my school albert lacome school email me back when you get this plese

  2. Pete Howell says:

    All the way with Cam Mackay!

    Congrats on your victory for City Council, I almost fell off my chair when I heard your name on TV getting a seat in St. Albert. Great job and I wish you all the best with success in the future.

    Good time to go for a beer and catch up on the world…..

    Pete Howell

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